greenplate dieboard


The Marbach greenplate distinguishes itself through ecological sustainability. It consists of 30% of the primary resource – birch wood. 70% are made from environmentally friendly secondary material, from the sustainable forest industry. The greenplate is subject to only minimal height tolerances. For that reason it is a great choice for applying embossings. And braille. Due to its flatness, all ejection rubber is perfectly levelled in height. For optimal pressure conditions.



The proven greenplate core between two steel plates. This is the base of our solidplate dieboards. This design allows a fast and easy rubber exchange. The solid plate is the entry-level model in the field of dimensionally stable die boards. It reveals its greatest strength if stable dimensions and a long lifetime are important to you as well as an affordable price.



duramar die-boards are a combination of fibre-reinforced plastics and steel. Therefore they are not hygroscopic. They distinguish themselves with great dimensional stability and an extremely long life span. They are available in the variations eco, plus and performance. duramar dies convince through frequent re-knives and excellent register accuracy. Even with large machine formats. For optimum creasing results.

Stripping tools



The marbastrip technology with its special design ensures a stable stripping process. Without bottom pins. But with marbastrip claws. They take care of the waste pieces. And safely guide them through the central stripping board. marbastrip can be used immediately. For the most efficient set-up and stripping process

masterstrip | plate


The base: the marbastrip technology. Completed by a presser plate in the upper stripping tool. The result: the masterstrip|plate. Targeted stripping. Using the built-in presser plate. The sheet is optimally positioned to the tool and fixed. Full surface. And that by using little pressure on the bottom part. Which is equipped with the sheet lifter marbafly. For fastest machine speeds. And free of waste. For maximum stripping performance. 

Blanking tools



The origin of our blanking tools: the compact tool. Proven quality. For decades. Made entirely of steel. Massive. Strong. And solid. Highest Marbach quality. Custom made for you.



The lightblanker is a modular blanking tool. Its advantage: the base frame can stay in the machine. It gets adjusted each time according to the job-specific blanking grid. Super fast. A few quick steps and the lightblanker is ready to use. With quick lock functions. The light weight will win you over with its one-person handling and high flexibility. Easy conversion to sheet delivery. Compare manual blanking with the lightblanker. You will see – it’s worth it. The lightest way of blanking.



The marbablanker. It makes blank separation easy. The marbablanker is perfectly developed for your needs. The blanking process becomes fast and trouble-free. Choose from different options. Unbelievable variety. Unbelievable efficiency. Blanking has never been this easy. So light. So stable. And economical at the same time.

Rotary Tools


Rotary cutting, creasing and embossing tools. They stand for highest requirements. For precision. For product quality. For high volume. For cigarette boxes. For liquid packaging. For pharmaceutical packaging. And other uses. We have expanded our activities with rotary tools. Created more capacity. Invested. We build cutting, creasing and embossing cylinders in our rotary centre. With absolute precision. With a true running accuracy less than 2 μm. With the newest machines. With love. Experience. And competence.

MR|easy rotary die cutting


You have high demands. Very high. You need a tool that allows top speeds. That is easy to use and produces low vibration. Yet highest precision. That distinguishes itself with optimal temperature distribution. A long tool life span. And a clean cut.

We have the perfect tool for you: the Marbach development MR|easy. With precise cutting parts made of PM steel. This tool corrects its temperature profile automatically. Leads to a constant cutting gap. Over the whole tool. Throughout the entire cycle. And to a short start-up phase. Without pre-heating.

A balanced temperature level is essential for cutting tools. Normally, heat is led away through an external cooling system from the bearings. This involves risks and is expensive. Our MR|easy tool maintains a constant temperature. On its own. With a system for effective temperature compensation in place. Integrated into the tool. This ensures a wide process window. And protects the knives. The system reacts fast. For a simple start-up of your system. Also with cold tools. MR|easy. For tools with maximum tool life span.

MR|easy is characterized by its excellent product quality. Minimal tolerances. Optimal temperature control. And easy handling. You want even more efficiency? Use MR|easy combined with our marbaclick system.

With MR|easy and marbaclick you save time. Avoid rejects. And count on a tool with a long life span. For highest efficiency.

Rotary tools with active stripping technology.

In the field of rotary corrugated board, more and more is being invested in die-cutting machines which use tools with active stripping technology. For this reason, Marbach has developed special optimized tools designed for use on these rotary machines. They have an integrated self-stripping system in which waste is stripped using ejector pins. This means that conventional tools do not meet the requirements and special rotary cutting-dies have to be used. These tools are complex to manufacture and must be of the highest precision.

The advantages of the Marbach tools are waste-free blanks. And that these rotary machines run at very high speeds with the tools. For maximum performance in rotary die-cutting.

Another advantage of the new technology: die-cutting, folding and gluing are carried out in a single operation. Therefore the productivity of these rotary machines, in combination with the Marbach tool technology, is very high.

Marbach Die Supplies



A wide range of materials is used for producing cutting dies. Dieboards. Rubber. Rule. Components for strippers and blankers. And tools for the assembly of cutting dies. You can obtain these and many more at Marbach. According to your needs. No one size fits all. But an individual custom fit for each one.


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